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Sun Outpacing Globe in Postpaid, Posts Double Digit Growth


The company posts double-digit growth in the past few months

Sun announced at an event today that they have managed to outpace local rival Globe in postpaid subscriber growth, posting double digit growth compared to Globe Telecom in 2014 and the firs quarter of 2015.

Sun claims that they’ve managed to post 16% growth compared to Globe’s 12% growth in 2014. In the first quarter of this year, Sun managed to post an astounding 18% growth in subscribers compared to Globe’s 9% during the same period.

Sun Vice President Joel Lumanlan

“Sun’s stellar performance in the postpaid segment has been hugely driven by feature-packed plans that give subscribers unbeatable value for money,” said Sun Vice President Joel Lumanlan.

Mr. Lumanlan is sure that the trend is set to continue throughout the year because of their value-packed offerings compared to the competition.

“We are very confident that Sun will sustain this momentum of double-digit growth and outpace its direct competitor as we roll out highly competitive products that appeal to the wise spender in every Filipino. Sun’s strategy has always been simple: empower Filipinos with a much better choice for their mobile services,” he added.

Among the newly revised plans is Sun’s Plan 450, which gives subscribers far better value compared to the offering of Globe’s Plan 499. The new plan includes unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 text messages to all networks, 20 hours of data and a free 5-inch dual-SIM Android phone. You can check out how Sun’s prepaid and post-paid offers stack up against Globe here. 

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. It’s all about the network preference of your group of friends. Why move in to Sun Cell if ur friends are still with Globe. I remembered before, Dual SIM users pair up Globe and Sun. But lately, only a handful of my contacts retained Sun subscription.

    Maybe they are trying not to compete with globe but to bring back the Globe-Sun dual sim attitude. Just a piece of thought lang with the launching of Glaxy S6 dual and LG G4 dual.

    1. It’s all about VALUE. Sun is for the practical group of friends who wants to spend more of their money and resources in other things than in mobile phone bills.

  2. I go to at least 4 Provinces a month and mygulay. bibihira ang HSPA+ signal ng Sun, parang kabute na pasulpot-sulpot!…..I know Globe sux but at least they are significantly better than Sun (SMART?) as far as HSPA coverage goes …

  3. Be smart in using your money. Many poeple right now are applying for a postpaid plan on a wrong intention just to get a new phone neglecting the continues payment of services they didn’t even maximize or use wisely. I prefer using old fones and using prepaid line, Yes it may sound really hassle but I can bet to you that you can save more than having a postpaid plan. Just my thoughts :)

  4. Sun is looking for Foxes who would like to lose their tails. (fable on a fox with no tail) I cant move in to Sun and let my friends relatives and coleagues and neighbors to move in with me. Value is no good if you dont fit in.

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