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Sungha Jung & Trace Bundy: Guitar Mavens

Sungha Jung and Trace Bundy

Two ridiculously talented guitarists from different generations recently came together for a string of concerts in the United States and Japan. These guys have redefined the way we view instrumental entertainment and I think there’s no where to go but up for the both of them.

Sungha Jung is a young South Korean acoustic guitar prodigy who has skyrocketed to fame after he recorded some of his guitar covers on YouTube. South Korea embraced him and catapulted him to global success. His channel has over 222 million views and over 330,000 subscribers.

Trace Bundy, a.k.a. the “Acoustic Ninjna”, is an older guitarist with almost the same style as Jung. He’s from Colorado and he’s also legendary for his legato and finger tapping skills on the guitar. In fact when you watch him play it’s as if he’s using the guitar as a piano by playing mostly on the frets!

Here are some of their performances. They’re guaranteed to blow you away!

Sungha Jung & Trace Bundy: Canon

Sungha Jung & Trace Bundy: Billie Jean

Hoping that *someday* they will visit the Philippines. Or maybe Singapore and I can just fly out to watch them perform! 🙂

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