Super Mario Run Needs a 1-Up Shroom!


Super Mario Run has only been out in the App Store for a couple days, but has been creating quite the buzz for Nintendo ever since their first major move into realm of mobile gaming was revealed during the launch of the iPhone 7 some months back. While, it has been able to downloaded to over 5 million Apple devices worldwide and has reportedly generated at least $5 million of revenue, it hasn’t been received quite as well as people would have hoped; mostly due to the steep $10 or Php 466 price tag to access the entire game.

While we’ve seen games (i.e. the Final Fantasy series and Rockstar Games’ older GTA titles) go for much more than that, they definitely provide a richer gaming experience than that of the first release by Nintendo on a mobile platform. Sadly, this bit of news we’ve just read isn’t going to raise their current 2.5 star rating on the app store either. We’ve just learned that Nintendo currently has no plans to add any more content to Super Mario Run.

That’s right. After paying Php 466 for Super Mario Run, we won’t be seeing new worlds added in the near future. Ouch! If you aren’t in the know, there are only 6 worlds in the game. Nintendo can, of course, change their mind down the line but this is definitely something a lot of mobile gamers won’t appreciate. I mean, come on, the bulk of Pokemon Go trainers may have significantly gone down, but Niantic Labs is still releasing content to keep their fan base happy.

Source: PhoneArena

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