Supercell Is Taking On Hearthstone With Their Own Card Game, Clash Royale


The newest game from the creators of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, that game from developer Supercell has managed to take the PH by storm. It’s a hugely popular mobile game, enough that it’s one of the main concerns people have when they buy a new smartphone – questions along the lines of “koya gagana ba Clash of Clans dyan” has been asked in our smartphone reviews more than we care to admit. Now Supercell has created a new card-based game that’s more than a veiled threat to the current king of card-based multiplayer play – Heartstone.

Dubbed Clash Royale, the new game takes the the 1-vs-1 nature of card games and puts in their own twist. Based on the official first-look video above, Clash Royale looks to be as addictive as Clash of Clans, and adds new card gameplay to the mix. Each player has a limited pool of resources to call on as well as cards to play to take down the towers and base of their opponent. Players can still make structures but building a base isn’t the point of the game – killing the other player as quick as possible is.

Clash Royale

Right now the game has been soft launched in a few countries which unfortunately, doesn’t include the PH, at least on Android as of yet. You can be sure that Supercell will be deploying this after they tweak the game’s balance as fast as possible.

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