Sushi Go Party: A Super Fun Boardgame for the Squad and Your Family!

Ridiculously fun game that you guys have to try out!

Sushi Go Party Review

As we get more digital, the tendency is that we don’t get to practice face-to-face social skills anymore. Heck, if we go to a restaurant these days we can see families, couples, and barkadas not talking to one another since they are all glued to their smartphones. This is where boardgames come in. I’m not talking about Snakes and Ladders or Monopoly (though those are good games). There are a lot of new modern boardgames that are easy-to-play, crazy fun, and will get all of you spending precious face-to-face time and not face-to-screen time. One of those games is Sushi Go Party and we’d like to quickly show you guys what the game is all about!

The premise of the game is simple: whoever eats the most delicious sushi, wins. “Delicious” is quantified by the points that you get from the mix of food cards that you get and pass around. How it works is kinda like “drafting”. Everyone starts with 9 cards and you get one, pass the rest to the one next to you, and pick another from the pile you’re given.

Menu Cards that you set on the board

Certain combos of cards give more points and the available combos is determined by the menu that you set prior to the game. You can pretty much mix and match the menu so that every game is different. You play 3 rounds and whoever has the most points at the end of the 3 rounds, wins the game.

Sounds simple eh? It is. But if you want to take it to the next level, change out the easy Menu cards with the harder ones. Some combos deduct points, some reward those with the most of that kind while penalizing those with the least, and others give you the ability to take cards from others.

Person with the highest points wins!
You can mix and match the menu cards on the board to make it harder or easier

Sushi Go Party sells for around Php1,200. Up to 8 players can have a go at it at the same time. We tried playing with five players and it was a riot.

Highly recommend you guys check this game out. We bought ours from a gaming store called Alter Ego in Shangrila Mall. They also offer more complex (almost RPG-like) boardgames that can take hours to finish. Just shop around and ask the gaming coach in the store for suggestions.

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