Tencent Exec Proposes Feature to Contractually Incentivize Game Time

Good Grades for More Game Time

The World Health Organization recently recognized Video Game Addiction as a mental health disorder. With all of us pretty much carrying a handheld console in our pockets, it’s pretty easy to see why some parents might be concerned over their children’s grades and possibly forming detrimental attachments to games that are easily accessibly via smartphones. I personally know that the struggle is all too real, having to occasionally pry myself from my Playstation 4 when Monster Hunter World got released and I’m an adult… Or at least I try to be.

Wanting to do something about the growing epidemic in its home country and possibly preempting prompts from the government, Tencent Holdings Ltd. or better known as the company that owns the current MOBA title everyone is going crazy over — Arena of Valor — may be introducing a feature that lets parents gain more control over their kids’ game time. Ma Huateng, a Chief Executive of Tencent, proposed a feature that will allow children to exchange actual game time for doing their household chores or getting good grades.

While this arrangement may already be done verbally by parents and children, the proposed limit will actually have a digital contract that the child’s friends can be a witness to. There are no dates on when this feature will roll out or how it will be actually implemented but I’m all for it, though I’m also pretty certain that tech savvy kids will find some work around.


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