The Cheerio Challenge Goes Viral!


What do you do when your newborn finally falls asleep in your arms? While some parents may be brave enough to stand and lay their sleeping babe into their crib, others choose to stand down in fear of waking up the baby.┬áPatrick Quinn, father to his adorable three-week old son, chose to do the latter; problem was that he didn’t know what to do to pass the time. There was a bowl of Cheerios that his older son had left on the table and probably thinking how cute his son’s nose was, he tried to balance pieces of the breakfast cereal on it. He managed five, took a picture, and issued a challenge to the internet. Thus, the Cheerio challenge was born.

TODAY created an album on their Facebook page to show how the Dads who have accepted the challenge and they are hilariously cute! Check them out:

Dad’s can be known for their corny jokes, but they do hit the jackpot sometimes when they’re just being their silly selves. Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Do you accept the challenge, Dads of the PH?

Jamie Inocian

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