The Pokemon Company Teases New Mobile Game

Whether you’re enjoying Pokemon GO’s second wind (thanks to the release of 80 new Pokemon you can now capture) or not, we think its safe to assume that the game definitely met or even exceeded the expectations of The Pokemon Company. They’ve already released another Pokemon, Pokemon Duel, and it seems like they aren’t planning to stop tapping into the mobile market as they have just teased a new game coming to Android and iOS devices in Japan this Spring.

Gen 2 Pokémon are Finally Here! Pokémon GO Update is Ready for Download

Teased through a website containing the news clipping you see above is a game the company is calling Hanero! KoiKing, or Splash! Magikarp. At this point, very little is known about the game; aside from the fact that it will center around Magikarp and its supposed release date in Japan. According to our sources, the clipping says that a fisherman stumbled upon the Magikarp shaped imprints on the ground. Will it be a fishing game? It most likely will be.

For now, we’ll see you on the streets as we try and collect those new Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon Duel is Now Available for Android and iOS

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