VIRAL: The Ultimate Japanese Instant Noodles Commercial


We here at Unbox are big fans of instant noodles, the typical geek’s “food of the gods”. Instant noodles are delicious (when they’re not too salty), very filling, conveniently packed, and are quick and easy to prepare when you’re on the go. Best of all, they’re cheap and come in an endless variety of flavors. No doubt, instant noodles are the supreme food of choice for the diligent Unbox writer staying up all night to cover an overseas smartphone launch.

In celebration of the 58th anniversary of “instant chicken noodles” (chikin ramen, in Japan), the very first instant ramen invented by company founder Momofuku Ando, Nissin Foods has unleashed the ultimate instant noodles ad to end all instant noodles ads.

The epic commercial, titled “INSTANT BUZZ – SamuraiDroneCatIdolSuperhumanRubeGoldbergViewerWarningTooExplosiveHighSchoolGirl” (no kidding), is an amusing showcase of homages and references to recent Japanese pop culture. The gauntlet of parodies includes drones, samurai, parkour tricks, teen idols, sumo wrestlers, zombies, gender-swapping kids… you name it. It’s crazy and it’s fun to watch.

Unbox 41- Chikin Featured

The ad closes on a more somber note, saying that in life, “a lot of things buzz and go, but things that were loved will stay forever.” Just like how Nissin still one of the most popular instant ramen brands in the world, after 58 years. That’s cute. And now we’re hungry for some ramen.

Source: Nissin Foods YouTube, RocketNews 24

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