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This Awesome, Gigantic, Motorized Hulkbuster Has An Iron Man Figure Inside


And it’s not made by Hot Toys

One of the things that we loved about the second Avengers movie was the Hulkbuster, a special suit that Tony Stark made to take down the Hulk if he ever goes rogue. While we all know that Hot Toys is making their own collectible 1/6th version of the Hulkbuster (complete with Veronica), this Hulkbuster one-ups the HK based company by a several thousand (imaginary) points.

For one thing, it’s a lot bigger than the Hulkbuster that Hot Toys is making, because it’s in a bigger 1/4th scale compared to the 1/6th scale that Hot Toys usually makes. Probably the biggest difference aside from sheer size is that the Hulkbuster of Comic Cave Studios (which is based in Singapore) is mechanized – the chestpiece of the Hulkbuster opens up by itself to reveal an Iron Man figure inside. And another, singularly awesome twist, that Iron Man figure’s faceplate opens up again, to reveal the visage of Tony Stark. It’s like Inception over here, folks.

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The figure was originally shown in this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and we’re sure this thing will be more expensive than the already expensive $800+ Hot Toys Hulkbuster that’s coming soon. Comic Cave has not yet priced this monstrosity, but you can expect this thing to have an astronomical price when it’s done.


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