This Chinese Console Is A Crazy Mix of The XBOX One and PS4


What is this, exactly?

The image above isn’t photoshopped in any way. It’s an actual, real console that’s been put on China’s version of the widely popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter, dubbed Ouye. It’s a crazy mix of PS4 and the XBOX One, and is the result of its designer trying to rip off as many brands as possible. Not only is the base unit blatant ripoff of the design of the PS4, the controller is also heavily borrowed (read: copied) from the XBOX One. Even the name of the console, Ouye, is a near facsimile of the Ouya Android gaming console.


The knockoff gaming station isn’t going to be competing with the two top tier consoles, as it’s obviously an Android-powered device that won’t replace a real console anytime soon. If anything, we’re really impressed at how ballsy the creators of this thing are – they certainly have big, brass cajones.

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