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Titos and Millennials Rejoice: The Latest Seiko 5 Sports Collection is Now Available in the Philippines

The watch perfect for titos AND millennials

While we all live in an era of connected smartwatches that offer a variety of features ranging from monitoring our heart rate to remotely receiving notifications on our social media accounts, there’s still a clamor for that ol’ school mechanical watch. Admit it, these analog devices have a certain charm and style that smartwatches could barely replicate.

One of the most talked-about mechanical brands is Seiko, which has gained a significant following for the past few years. Recently, Seiko Philippines brought in the latest Seiko 5 Sports collection. Consisting of 27 styles, the Seiko 5 Sports retain the five key qualities of the classic Seiko 5: automatic movement, day-date display, significant water resistance, a recessed crown at the four o’clock position and a case and sturdy bracelet.

What makes the modern-day Seiko 5 Sports different is that the 27 styles are divided into five segments: Sports for casual looks, Suits for a more sophisticated vibe, Specialist for a more classy appeal, Street for those who want to make a statement, and Sense for the creative ones.

Each of the 27 styles sports a familiar Divers-inspired SKX007 model, with a different twist to the overall design—ranging from different strap choices, bezel and dial colors, to case finishes.

The Seiko 5 Sports start at Php 15,300 and can go as high as Php 19,000. All 27 styles are available at all authorized Seiko dealers.


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