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Trying to Make Sense of the AlDub Madness


Ano Ba Meron sa AlDub

The AlDub craze has taken over the country and it has even started to spill over to the rest of the world. The record-shattering 12.1M tweets last Saturday caught the attention of international celebrities.

To be honest we haven’t really been following the show. In fact we often dismissed it as something “gimmicky” and “brain draining”. However since we really wanted to understand what the rabid fandom was all about, we binged on all the episodes in one go. During that day we rode a roller coaster of emotions but for the most part it was hours upon hours of just being “kilig”.

We know that a lot of you haven’t watched it yet and you probably don’t want to read about it here on Unbox but we just want to take this opportunity to try to explain the “madness” about it from our POV. So for those who are just here for gadgets, apologies in advance. But as a historic moment in social media, please do allow us this chance to try to make sense of it all.

This is how we saw it. Take note that we don’t claim to be AlDub experts so we probably missed out on a few key moments in the story. We just want to try to explain and come up with some sort of crude timeline.

Yaya Dub’s Debut on Eat Bulaga

Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza debuted on Eat Bulaga as the helper of Lola Nidora (played by Wally). For the first few episodes Yaya Dub was very “masungit” and “suplado”. She never really spoke on the show but instead used various songs in Dubsmash style to communicate. Prior to Eat Bulaga Yaya Dub was an online sensation for her Dubsmash videos.

Here’s the video of her debut on Eat Bulaga. Skip to the 7:15 mark to be able to go to the moment she first gets out of the car.

When Yaya Dub Met Alden

Fast forward several episodes and we find Yaya Dub with Lola Nidora in the segment. The camera pans to Alden Richards who’s sitting in the audience and they do a split screen showing both of them. Yaya Dub’s “suplada” and “masungit” facade crumbles and she literally gushes.

In the talk of TAPE Senior Vice President for Creatives Jenny Ferre at the IMMAP Summit, she revealed that they knew that Maine had a crush on Alden (prior to them meeting or seeing each other) so they asked Alden to sit down with the audience. The spark was definitely there.

“We saw an opportunity to tell a story.” – Jenny Ferre, TAPE SVP for Creatives

When Things Started to Get “Real”?

The episodes continued on with Alden and Yaya Dub flirting but never actually seeing each other. Eat Bulaga used the split screen and Dubsmash to great effect. The mystery and the “totoo ba talaga to” thing going on made viewers crazy. In the episode below the “kilig” factor was turned up to insane levels as the line between REAL and REEL blurred completely.

There was an instance where they ALMOST saw each other but it didn’t push through. However several episodes later it happened. And the #AlDub Nation broke Twitter.

When They First Saw Each Other

This moment was so intense that someone made a fictional account for the “PLYWOOD” that separated Alden and Yaya Dub. The account made an official statement (WHUT) saying that it wasn’t his fault and it was Lola Nidora who set everything up.

Anyway, this segment ends with Yaya Dub being KIDNAPPED (WHUT).

The Second Time

Yaya Dub was kidnapped by the granddaughter (or daughter we forget) of Lola Nidora. During the whole fiasco Alden is also caught and this is where they see each other for the second time. The AlDub Nation broke Twitter once again. We can’t blame them. The emotion on the faces of the two were so real (kung hindi man ang galing nila mag acting, hehe).

Their 2nd Monthsary

Fast forward several episodes and we have the “second monthsary” of AlDub. This is where things are taken to a whole new level with the line between what’s real and fiction just totally disappearing. Panoorin niyo yung buong to at kung wala kayo maramdaman, manhid kayo. πŸ˜›

The Date Which Had 12.1M Tweets

And this is the episode that really broke Twitter. Their first date where they saw each other for the third time.

So what’s our final verdict? (Lol parang gadget review lang)

After watching all the episodes so far, we have to admit that we’re fans of the show. We will probably keep on watching it until the mystery, “kilig”, and the fun is there. Love is universal. It doesn’t mean that when you enjoy AlDub, it follows that you aren’t an intelligent person. It just means that you still have a heart.

Our recommendation? Take the plunge and watch it. Let that heart beat a little faster and maybe you’ll remember the magic of romance and the incomprehensible mad feeling of falling in love. πŸ˜›

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. The one thing I still don’t understand to this point is that we are obsessed with Those Two – T-Shirts, School lessons, mobile phone apps, it’s like we’re becoming a nation of AlDub, LITERALLY a nation of AlDub, letting us be defined by how many Tweets we spew out about them, like we’re giving the impression to the whole world that we absolutely don’t care about anything else (More people cared about AlDub than POPE FRANCIS,) like the Martial Law anniversary, or Grace Poe, or the Vice President is spewing out lies,…

    1. Most Filipino’s are uneducated… breeds stupidity. Even supposed intellects get sucked in to the ridiculous behavior of the masses, because of man’s primal need to be accepted or be part of a group. Why are we even surprised? That is why Filipino’s love mindless and brain hemorrhaging entertainment. Adaptation of mind numbing western pop culture at it’s finest. Philippines is f’d whether you like it or not.

      1. Wag mo namang lahatin brad sak porket mga di nag aral mga bobo na? Stupido?masyado atang mataas ang tingin mo sa sarili mo brad. Dahil ba di mo gusto ang gusto ng iba, intelihente ka na? Mataas ka na sa kanila?marami sa mga kasamahan ko sa Singapore na mga professional eh hook din sa aldub. Ang kininita po nila sa isang buwan ay baka di mo kayang kitain ng isang taon. Tingin mo ba mga bobo sila? O baka naman nahihiya kang aminin na kinikilig ka rin? Magpakatotoo ka brad wag maging grinch matagal pa pasko.

  2. Putting all ‘baduy’ biases aside, this whole Aldub thing is actually one of the most refreshing and creative things you’ll find on local TV today. Yes, same old tired formula but the execution, it’s revolutionary. Split screen, spontaneous, improvised, crossover into social media etc. Honestly, it’s genius to me.

    1. Begging to disagree, but the Aldub phenom is actually brilliant, brilliant use of various convergence tech! And the kilig factor of unveiling — discovering something unfold with bated breath — is the very essence of “unbox porn” itself, don’t you think? Confession: I haven’t seen one episode of Aldub at all, but the virality of it, for me, has me filing it under both “current events” and “cutting edge” …and that’s just from the stories I hear. The excitement it creates in the air is electric and very palpable, it actually deserves a tech blog because, in my opinion, it’s not something that’s easy to analyze, much less replicate, even for media-savvy communications gurus! TAPE/Eat Bulaga simply stumbled onto a goldmine by following their instincts…

  3. ” It doesn’t mean that when you enjoy AlDub, it follows that you aren’t an intelligent person.”-This is definitely true. In fact, most members of the #AlDubNation are intelligent people. They know a lot about numerology, destiny, and secret code interpretation but most importantly, they don’t entertain bashers. It’s a great segment which displays respect, good manners, old Filipino traditions and love.

    1. “they don’t entertain bashers” e di pag may kaibigan ka na nakokornihan sa aldub basher na? Pag ayaw manood ng nanay mo ng aldub dahil mas gusto niya ang showtime basher na? Pag sinabi ng tatay mo na wala kang mapapala sa aldub basher na? E di ibig mong sabihin mga pikon at close-minded ang aldub fans pareho ni joey? Tulad nung ginawa ng netizens kina anne curtis, jobert sucaldito at vice ganda noong minention niya ang aldub sa showtime? Nakikipagtalo pa kayo sa fb araw araw. Hindi ako maka-2 o 7 dahil pareho lang naman sila ng comedy formula for decades at nagiiba lang ang cast. Numerology at destiny lol! Make your parents proud kid. Pinagaral ka para maniwala sa mga kalokohan ng matatanda. Gudlak sa pagtatrabaho mo sa quiapo habang may mesa at tarot cards lol.

      1. Ooops! I if you have some free time, kindly read my comment again Mr.Archie. I did not mention nor enumerated those people whom I consider as bashers, so there is no need for you to make my statement ambiguous. In addition, I did not mention anything against a particular person, artist or network. Please don’t say bad things against me since this is not about me and you do not have any idea who I am.

        Friendly reminder :

        Be careful with your words.

      2. Mr. Archie, no one actually mentioned in particular the “bashers” you so talk about. And also the fact that your comment is way out of the way of what Tenacious is really talking about. Tenacious only said that “they don’t entertain bashers” and yet here you are, defining bashers in YOUR VERY OWN WAY AND KNOWLEDGE, completely running around the bush.

        “E di ibig mong sabihin mga pikon at close-minded ang aldub fans pareho ni joey” this statement of yours…. what is the point of this? Mr. Archie, could you please point out where in Tenacious’s comment that made you said that “pikon” and “close-minded” are the aldub fans. If you think the statement “they don’t entertain bashers”, then you are wrong.

        Take note:
        they don’t entertain bashers[Tenacious] = pikon at close-minded ang aldub fans pareho ni joey[archie]
        ^where is the connection to that?

        If that is not the statement you were pertaining to, then please, feel free to point it out.

        “Make your parents proud kid” is what you said, but I think that statement is meant for you as you judge people easily by their words by saying “Gudlak sa pagtatrabaho mo sa quiapo habang may mesa at tarot cards lol”

        If you judge tenacious easily by the comment, then don’t get surprised when people judge you as a simpleton. After all, what goes around always comes around.

  4. Actually, I dont know why I am hooked with Aldub, its just refreshing….It makes me laugh and feels the kilig…..thats why I watch it everyday,,,,,,last saturday while I was in Zapote, Bacoor, I noticed in front of a pharmacy, people gathering and shouting,,,,,at about 1 pm…paglapit ko aldub pala pinapanood….

  5. This is my take

    1. Simple lang yung segment at hindi pilit. It came out organically/naturally. Accident nga e.

    2. It’s funny. Nakaka-tanggal ng stress.

    3. Great acting. To be honest, magagaling umarte lahat. Wally, Jose, Paolo, Aldub, etc. Very strong ang acting nila. Hindi madali makakuha ng actors na kayang gawin ginagawa nila.

    4. Meron syang community participation. Note na nasa kalye sila. Meron pa cuando cuando na per barangay kinukuha.

    5. Nakaka-enganyo tumawa sila Paolo at AllanK. Mapapsabay ka talaga.

    6. May hatak fans din ang bernardo bernardo, sa mga taong mahihilig sa gwapo

    7. Simple love story formula. Meron ka lng antagonist na pipigil sa love-team. Tried and tested na to since Romeo and Juliet pa. Kikiligin ka ba kung walang pumipigil? Kilig pa more pag meron bwisit na kontrabida

    8. Chemistry! Yan ang wala sa Star Wars episode 3, kahit milyon milyong dolyares pa ang budget nila. Iba talaga chemistry nila Alden at Yaya

    9. Mukha lng silang simpleng tao. Parang narerelate mo sarili mo sa kanila. Hindi sila mukhang abot-langit. Parang katropa mo lang.

    10. Suspension of disbelief. Kahit alam mong hindi naman mag-lola at si Wally yon, sa moment ng show parang totoo. Kahit na sabihin pa ni Wally na “actingan lng to oy”. Parang hindi acting, parang natural ang lahat at totoo.

    1. Thanks Carlo for that wonderful commentary! Kahit ako isang pastor na adik na rin sa kapapanood neto. It’s fun and a breath of fresh air. Galing ng acting! You’re always in a suspense mode. You don’t know what will will happen next. Although everybody tries to make their own predictions via twitter it is brings a lot of surprises when the next thing happens. This is something that brings kilig back to a lot of us. The love story is evolving but in a calculated pace. It also teaches moral lessons about love life, family life and how to relate with the villains in our lives in a positive way. Never has this kind of fandom been seen in Philippine cinema in recent years. No one knows when and what the climax of this would be. And who really cares at this point. One thing the ALDUB fandom sees ultimately happening is Alden and Maine will end up in each other’s arms! Cute dba! If last week 12.1 Million twits was recorded worldwide, many are anticipating this to be broken in astronomical scale now that Lola Nidora has allowed Alden to visit the Mansion.

    1. ok lang yan, kanya-kanyang opinion lang naman yan eh πŸ™‚ ang mahalaga, madami ang natutuwa at dahil sa Kalyeserye, nawawala ang stress at problema nila sa buhay, yan ang magandang nagagawa ng PAGTAWA at PAGIBIG hehehe

      1. this is one of the reasons why i dont like Aldub fans. You dont really have to say those things just because some people dont agree with your opinion on Aldub.

          1. bakit kasi kailangan mong sabihin dito na di mo type aldub? Syempre masasaktan yung mga fans. Ikaw ang basher hindi sila. Pumasok ka sa usapang aldub eh. Kung ayaw mo, read the article or simply leave the page. Period. (Oh, sasagot pa yan)

  6. I’m a huge fan of your site, your style and of Aldub. What a treat to read this! Wanna share this blog also. Im sure you’ll like it , and the comments! http://joeam.com/…/09/22/the-social-significence-of-aldub/

  7. Boss Carlo, isang tanong lng please.

    Nung unang beses nagkita sina Alden at Yaya (plywood episode), niyakap mo ba wife mo habang tili ka ng tili sa kilig?

    Ako kasi oo e. Nagising anak ko sa lakas ng tili ko

    1. Onga sir Carlo, napasigaw ka rin ba sa kilig o sumakit dibdib mo sa pagpigil at nangawit panga mo sa laki ng ngiti? Ahihi

  8. Actually this will be my first time to comment and ‘dip in’ sa issue. Unang una, The writeup was intelligently done, like alam mo ung writer is very sensible,at Conyo, (as I presume) Pero, he dared to embrace the inner jologs in him. Aminin natin, The Aldub phenomenon has swept us off our feet, maski sino at anu mang estado sa buhay, I, a master’s degree holder for one.. Aldub you na Mr.Ople!! Kudos to you!

  9. Off topic lang, Daming naiinis sa mga adlibs nila Allan at Paolo dun. For me perfect nga ng adlibs nila kasi kumbaga sa barkada, kailangan mong supporters sa mga punch lines mo para mas nakakatawa. XD

  10. Ramdam ko gigil na gigil si Wally kay Yaya Dub….Parang gusto niyang i-creampie tulad ng ginawa niya kay Yosh Rivera

  11. There are some things in life n hndi mo maexplain, ganun ang aldub. More than words can say,, and sometimes those things are powerful enough to make us all aldubnation hooked. Minsan lang mangyari na napagkakaisa ng damdamin at isip ang milyon milyong tao ng isang loveteam ha. Pero xmpre you cannot please everybody. Hndi natin makokontrol ang isip ng iba, kng malawak pang unawa mo good for u kng hndi mapapa away k tlg. Yung iba talagang panggugulo lng tlg ang objective nila. Anyway mas marami p rn ang GV s aldubnation. Let us keep on reminding each other to ignore bad comments. Pero maging open p rn s constructive criticisms. Madidistinguish naman natin ung difference db? I believe maraming intelligent aldubers.

  12. I think Arnel Ignacio puts it best in his tweets. What he says makes sense and is exactly on point. Read it here http://www.fashionpulis.com/2015/09/fb-scoop-arnell-ignacio-offers-his.html and here http://www.danified.com/2015/09/arnell-ignacio-speaks-about-rivalry.html

    Just ignore the part on the second link where he talks about Showtime and Vice Ganda. It’s still true, but I would focus more on why Aldub and Eat Bulaga works as whole.

    Anyway, I’m proud to say I’m an Aldub fan, including my 6 year old son (we watch KalyeSerye before going to bed coz he’s in school during live broadcast, and my wife who devours everything and anything Aldub in the net (while denying she’s an Aldub fan, she compromises by saying she’s more of a JoWaPao and Kalyserye fan lol).

    For me, it’s no so much as the kilig but the organic and natural fun and comedy they bring, so refreshing!

  13. Actually the segment is pure genius. It will take you for a ride while still incorporating values and courtship traditions of the past which, sadly, is almost nonexistent nowadays. And of course the witty comedic nature of eat bulaga puts the icing on the cake. Been a fan of eb for as long as i can remember. Thanks for the article sir carlo. πŸ™‚

  14. I liked Heneral Luna as much as I like Aldub and like you, I initially didn’t get what the hype on Aldub was all about. And like you I just googled it and found myself looking at all the episodes in one go. What can I say, I had fun and had a lot of laughs. Sadly, I saw that people started putting down those who had a fun, laughter and giggly smiles while they praise and elevated Heneral Luna to flawless perfection. I did praise the film too and encouraged all my friends to watch it but I don’t find it necessary to put down another medium in entertainment that is there to purely entertain. Laughter is universal and it shows in Aldub. Quality is appreciated and it is clear in Heneral Luna. There is no need to crab others by comparing the audiences of the two. And definitely, there is no need accuse others of being stupid and uneducated for appreciating candid humor.

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