Tulfo and Chill is Real: Yes, there’s an App for That

All of your favorite Tulfo shows, now in one app

UPDATE: The app is not officially endorsed by Raffy Tulfo. We apologize for the initial report. 

Are you one of those who watches those Tulfo shows for the sake of entertainment and to kill time? There’s an app for that! Recently, the app Tulflix surfaced at the Google Play Store, and it does what it is intended to do: compile all Tulfo shows with one app.

The logo is reminiscent of Netflix, and you get three tabs: latest, popular, and live. Basically, the app aggregates all of Raffy Tulfo’s shows on YouTube, highlighting some of the more popular episodes.

Currently, the app lacks a search bar and does not have the other Tulfo episodes, so expect the developers behind it to update the app in the coming days.


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