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Twitter Officially Rolls Out 280 Character Limit

More characters for your thoughts

After a decade of sticking to a 140 character limit, Twitter has finally broke its own rules and will be implementing a 280 character limit for all languages except for the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

While it traces its origins to SMS messaging (hence the 140 character limit), Twitter explains that users would often post a Tweet with more than 140 characters, with others ending up condensing their thoughts to fit the old limit. Twitter even explained in a graph that with the old limit, around 9% of Tweets hit the limit. With the new 280 character limit, Twitter expects that only around 1% of Tweets will hit the limit.

In addition, Twitter claims that the increased character limit helped in increasing engagement, getting more followers, and spending more time on the aging social media platform. This update is one of their many efforts in encouraging people to use Twitter, which has seen a decline in the number of users this year, along with being left behind with the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

Will this update convince you to use Twitter more often? Comment down below!

Source: Mashable


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