Two Pokemon Go Trainers Fall Off A Cliff While Playing


Another day, another Pokémon Go accident. Two men fell off a cliff in San Diego, California, while playing the popular monster-catching game. The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department confirmed last Wednesday’s incident in a statement, saying that the two men suffered only minor injuries from the fall.

Apparently, the two intrepid Pokémon hunters, both in their early 20s, ignored the posted warning signs and crossed a fence on the edge of the beachside cliff. One man fell 75 to 100 feet down before hitting the sand, while the other man got stuck on the cliff after a 50-foot drop. The two were quickly taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The increasing number of Pokémon Go related accidents ever since its launch is an alarming testament to the game’s phenomenal popularity. No doubt, the incident count will increase as the game opens up its service in more regions of the world.

Unbox 01 Articuno 2

No word on whether the two Pokémon hunters successfully caught their prey, whatever it was. Could it have been a legendary Pokémon? As always, stay safe, trainers.


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