Uber’s uberHOP Allows You To Share A Car With Other People


Which hopefully means a cheaper ride

While Uber is an awesome, convenient thing for many people, but the surge prices caused by the near-constant traffic jams in Metro Manila are getting a little ridiculous. Uber’s now rolling out a new feature to combat that. Dubbed uberHOP, it’s a new option that allows several people going in the same direction to share one vehicle.

Uber says that customers are getting the same Uber experience while saving more money than what they’d usually pay for an uberX ride, and we believe them. The service is just rolling out, and up to 5 other people going in the same direction may join you in your trip. When you book a ride via uberHOP, you’ll have to walk a little to the designated pick-up point within the allotted time (so other riders aren’t left waiting). If you’re travelling with a friend, they’ll have to book through the Uber app as well if they want to come along.

Right now the service is being tested in Makati and BGC, and is only during weekdays (no holidays or non-working holidays) between 6-10AM and 4-9PM.

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