VR Games for PlayStation 4 Pro Are Coming


A few weeks ago, Unbox and UnGeek went to Japan to check out the Tokyo Game Show for the very first time. While there were a ton of new AAA titles to check out in the gigantic halls of Makuhari Messe, there was no getting around the presence of the Playstation VR; it was pretty much at every major developer/publisher’s booth. One thing we noticed though was the lack of titles for Sony’s new bit of hardware that’s set to launch in a couple of days. Sure there big titles like Arkham VR and, of course, we’re excited for the Resident Evil 7 — but apart from that, it was slim pickings.


While at the con, we bumped into a lot of smaller game developers eager to use the Playstation VR platform to ship out their games and bring their company a little more attention. True to form, we now have a lineup of games coming an indie game company from China, Oasis Games.


Oasis Games is launching five games within release of the Playstation VR into the market; Ace Banana, a shooting game, being the first of the bunch that will be available on October 13. They will be released two games in the next two weeks with another shooter getting thrown into the mix called, PIxel Gear, that will be released on October 20. On October 27, Oasis Games will be releasing Weeping Doll, which they’re calling a dark, story-driven psychological thriller.


Two more titles will be released by Oasis Games but a later date, which include: a dark, horor-themed puzzle game called, DYING: Reborn, that will be released in January 2017 and an arcade space shooter called Mixip, whose release date has yet to be announced.


We’re eager to see more and more titles hit the Playstation VR, which we soon hope to get to HQ and give you guys a closer look. Stay tuned to Unbox PH for more on the new Playstation 4 Pro and Playstation VR.

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