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WATCH: A Snorlax Causes a Pokemon Go Stampede in Taiwan

Unbox 83 - Taiwan PGO Stampede 1
This is just INSANE.
We’ll let the pictures speak for the chaos that Pokemon Go induced on Taiwan the other day. Credits to Kotaku, Taiwan’s Eastern Broadcasting Company for the shots, and to the local players for the YouTube videos.

Unbox 83 - Taiwan PGO Stampede 2

The culprit? Apparently a Snorlax spawned somewhere in a busy part of town and that triggered the stampede. No reports of bad injuries or worse, so that’s good. More clips up ahead, but these are from different Pokemon Go gatherings, we think? Looks like a normal thing for the folks over there?



Edit: Added more clips of other Pokemon Go gatherings in Taiwan. Seems like a normal thing for them over there. Head over to Kotaku for more vids.

Source: KotakuEastern Broadcasting Company, YouTube

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  1. And yet these poor excuses for players who cheat their ways have no problems getting Snorlax. They can even deploy them on multiple gyms.

  2. Palagay ko di kailangang talunin ng pinoy player ang ganyang tema sa paglalaro lang ng pokemon. Salamat at mas matino pa rin ang pinoy.

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