Waze Outs Version 4.0: Newer Layout, Less Battery Consumption

Waze 1

Check out the new Waze

Waze has officially announced the newest version of their app. Version 4.0 slightly changes how the layout of the app looks, and promises to consume less battery, which is always a good thing. Waze has always been our go-to navigation app for the traffic-clogged streets of the metro, and we’re happy that the team behind it are working hard to make it better and consume less battery (seriously, the current app is a battery hog).

The new layout is cleaner, easier to navigate through but still retains the whimsical, cartoonish feel of previous versions. Despite being a Google-owned company, the 4.0 update to Waze will be coming to iOS first, with an Android update in the cards, soon.

John Nieves

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