Why Aren’t We Allowed to Use Uber for Pick Ups at the Airport?


MIAA: You Need to Update Your Policies!

Two steps forward, one step backward for Uber, LTFRB, and the Philippines. While it’s awesome that Uber is now officially legal in the country, they’re also now subject to regulation by the government and the powers that be. One of the stupidest regulations is that Uber drivers can’t pick up passengers at airports.

Why? Okay before you go all out ranting against the LTFRB, you might want to train your guns at a different entity.

According to UberMNLTips the main culprit here is the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). They have a policy that forces people to just use the ridiculously expensive airport taxis.

Here’s the Uber advisory:

As a regulated entity, we should comply with Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) policies on airport pick-ups and drop-offs. In line with this, Uber partners may still drop off riders in the airport departure area; however, you are encouraged NOT to take pick ups from the airport for now.

And here’s a screencap of the memorandum of LTFRB regarding the matter:

Wow :(
Wow 🙁

As a government owned and controlled corporation under the DOTC, we believe that the MIAA should change their policies to allow Uber drivers to pick-up passengers in airports. It’s safe, convenient, and a progressive move that will put the MIAA in the 21st century. In fact based on their Mission – Vision statement, the MIAA should be embracing Uber!

MIAA Vision
Manila International Airport Authority, by 2020, will be the leading organization in airport development and management pursuing excellence in customer service, world-class facilities, high quality security and safety standards, to encourage and promote international and domestic air traffic in the country as a means of making the Philippines a center of international trade and tourism.

MIAA if you want to be the “leading organization in airport development and management” and to “pursue excellence in customer service”, you should be accommodating TNVS services like Uber and GrabCar.

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  1. If you really want them to hear you, put the spotlight on OIC – Vicente Guerzon Jr and General Manager – Jose Angel Honrado.

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