Will These New Features Make You Play Pokemon GO Again?

New Features Announced
New Features Announced

The developers are Pokemon GO announced new features for the game and hopefully this will get Trainers who left out of boredom and frustration to come back to catching ’em all. The two new features center around making catching rare Pokemon a little easier and making more sense out of doing gym training. Here’s how they work:

Earn a New Capture Bonus to Increase the Odds of Catching Rare Pokémon

We are adding a new feature which grants a catch bonus when you earn medals based on catching certain types of Pokémon (Kindler, Psychic, Gardener, etc.). These new bonuses will give you a better chance of capturing Pokémon with a related type. For example, as you reach a higher tier for the Kindler Medal, your bonus to catch Fire-type Pokémon such as Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta increases.

Trainers can work their way to a new tier by catching many Pokémon of the same type. If a Pokémon has multiple types, your bonus will be the average of your bonuses for each type. For example, Pidgey is both Normal and Flying type. Your bonus in this case would be the average of your Normal-type and Flying-type bonuses.

This one is pretty straightforward. The more you catch of a certain type, the better chances you get of seeing rare Pokemon of the same type pop-up. This makes catching those Pidgeys and Ratatas worth it (to some extent).

Next up we have the gym update.

Gym Training Just Got Easier

In an upcoming version of Pokémon GO, when training at a friendly Gym, Trainers will be able to bring six Pokémon to battle instead of one. In addition, the CP of the Pokémon you are training against may be temporarily adjusted lower during your training session to generally match your Pokémon’s battle capabilities.

This makes gym training much easier even for newbie players.

So there you have it. Unfortunately Niantic didn’t give a date to when we will see these new features. ‘Till then we will just have to wait on it. How do you guys find these two updates? Will it make you come back to playing the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Nope. its much better if you could battle first a wild pokemon before you can capture it. That’s how this game should have been.

    1. yeah, that’s also the reason y i don’t play this shit! no battles, pokemon stats, levels, trading, fuck Niantic! XD

  2. I think you misunderstood the first one. I think what’s it saying is that you jave a “higher catch chance” not a “higher encounter chance”

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