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Windows 10 Has Android Subsystem to Make Porting Apps From Android Easier

Possibly the app solution that Microsoft has been looking for

They might not admit it, but one of Microsoft’s biggest challenges so far for their Windows Phone OS has been the availability of apps and the amount of effort it takes for developers to port their Android and iOS apps over. Well, that may be a thing of the past with Windows 10 – Microsoft has announced during their ongoing BUILD conference that developers will now be able to port their apps and games directly to Windows universal apps via two software dev kits. This will cut the time for devs to port their apps over significantly, which will hopefully mean that you’ll see more of your favorite apps on Windows 10.

This is made possible by an Android subsystem that’s built into Windows 10 that can run Java and C++ code that devs have already made on rival operating systems. Re-writing code is one of the main hurdles that developers face whenever they need to make different versions of their apps for different environments and OS, and by making it easier to port their apps to Windows 10 with little changes the company may see a huge jump in app availability when Windows 10 rolls around.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. I am patiently waiting for my Lumia 1520 windows 10 update.. Specially for android apps included working within.. Kudos

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