Yes, You Can Play Snake on the Google Maps App

The Best April Fools Gag of Google to date?

Google has a knack for making funny and cool gags for April Fools. Back in 2014, it brought out the inner Pokemon master in all of us. Then in 2017, Google gave us the chance to play Ms. Pacman on the desktop version of Maps. Last year, it was all about finding Waldo around the world.

For this year, Google adds a Snake mini-game on the Maps app. To access it, simply tap on the Snake icon on the upper left corner and tap Play Snake on the menu.

Playing Snake on the Google Maps app is just like the ol’ school Snake game we all love. This time around, you control a train or that picks up passengers and landmarks around the world. You can choose from cities like Cairo, Sao Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, or Tokyo.

Both iOS and Android versions of Google should be receiving the update for the game plug-in by the time you read this article. We really, really hope that Google makes this a permanent plug-in, as it helps us alleviate from boredom while stuck in traffic.

If you don’t have the mobile app, Google has a standalone version of the Snake game in case you want to kill time with your computer.

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