You Can Now Pay With Cash For Uber Rides

 Cash Trip Uber

Cash is king

One reason why GrabCar is wildly popular in the Philippines is the simple fact that they deal in cash payments. Uber, its ride-sharing competitor, has always maintained a credit-card only policy which is kind of a bummer, considering many professionals and regular joes still don’t have credit cards.

That’s going to change though as Uber is slowly starting to roll out a new cash payment system. Based on a training video that Uber Manila posted on YouTube, users will now be able to pay through cash. Discounted fares and promos will also apply to cash trips as well.

Cash Uber

Uber’s new training video stresses the importance of asking for the right fare and not asking for more than what’s needed for the trip.

Will you use Uber more now that there’s a cash option for rides?

John Nieves

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  1. About time. Credit Only crippled Uber compared to Grab (Taxi and Car.) How shortsighted of them to insist on credit only for the longest time…

  2. For me, I prefer the credit card-only system. Mas safe for both the driver and passenger ang walang cash. Hindi pa maabuso.

  3. After a while Uber drivers will start saying +50, +100.

    although i guess the driver rating system can be use when this happens.

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