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YouTube Content Creators Now Have More Avenues to Earn Money

Without resorting to the usual ads

YouTubers—especially the serious and established ones—earn racks of money from the content they upload in the online video platform. Aside from that, content creators earn extra through ads.

Acknowledging their importance in the digital age, YouTube introduced at VidCon 2018 new avenues for content creators to earn.

There’s Channel Memberships—a business model where subscribers pay $4.99 for a monthly subscription to the YouTube channel of their choice. The perks? They can range from new emojis to exclusive members-only content.

A small catch though: Channel memberships are offered to any content creator with at least 100,000 subscribers.

Aside from paid memberships, YouTube partnered with Teespring so that content creators can sell merchandise—ranging from shirts to mugs—off their channel. It’s basically similar to what music artists do in promoting their latest single or their upcoming concert.

As of this writing, this feature is available only to US-based content creators with at least 10,000 subscribers.

Lastly, YouTube introduced Premieres for content creators to inform their audience of a pre-recorded video ahead of time. This feature is particularly useful as it helps content creators build hype on their videos, creating better engagement with their audience. Since it is a live video (even if the content is pre-recorded), the audience can participate via chat.

All these three new features are proof that YouTube actively finds ways for its content creators to earn money beyond the usual uploading of content. In addition, these new additions should encourage content creators—both big and small—to create compelling content for their audience.


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