YouTube Rolling Out Livestream Feature On Mobile

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After Facebook and Twitter rolled out their live streaming services via Live and Periscope, it was inevitable that YouTube would unveil their own take on the service. It has, after all, been doing live streaming for a while now, most famously in 2011 when it live-streamed the Royal Wedding and again in 2012 when Felix Baumgartner leaped from the edge of space back in 2012.

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Now YouTube is giving users the power to live stream in the palm of their hands, literally – the company is allowing people to live stream right from their mobile device through the YouTube app. Once the service goes live for everyone, there will be a red capture button on the app which allows you to live stream quickly as long as your network supports it. After a live stream is done, it’ll be searchable just like any other video, will show up in suggested video recommendations and will have the same copyright protection as regular vids.

Right now the live stream feature is being rolled out to select users, but expect the new feature to be available to regular folks in the next few weeks.


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