Adidas Pure Game

Adidas Pure Game Body Care Set

Adidas is known for their men’s sports products like their shoes and training gear. A few years ago they expanded their offerings to include grooming products. Adidas came out with the the Pure Game line of products which has Shower Gel, Deodorant, Perfume and Deo-spray. It comes with a guarantee–it was developed with athletes. That means the sweatiest, smelliest, most physically active people have tried this out before we have.

So at Unbox, where we’re not the sweatiest, smelliest and most physically active (emphasis on last point), we wanted to see how it works for those at the other end of the spectrum.

Now this is a lot to choose from. Let’s go through them one by one:

Pure Game Shower Gel


  • Great scent
  • Cool bottle (easy to use)
  • Has a refreshing feel after your after-gym or after-sports bath


  • Does not bubble up nicely, so you might need to use up more gel when you take a bath

Personally I think this is a good alternative to the bath products I use now. It smells great and feels great.

Pure Game Deodorant


  • Great scent – has the best scent among the 4, in my opinion. (For a good reason)
  • Dries fairly quickly for a roll-on


  • While it offers 24 hr protection from odors, there were times when it felt awkward after a workout. Sometimes the antiperspirant works fine, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’d also consider switching to this once I have the antiperspirant issue sorted out. With athletes in mind for this, I’m sure that was meant to work just fine. Maybe it’s more consistent for the stick.

Warning: There’s a danger of you smelling yourself after using this. It looks funny and you’d look weird (but I’m sure you’ll try it once-it smells that good).

Pure Game Perfume


  • Fresh, crisp scent
  • Great for everyday


  • Scent may change after a few hours

Tip: Smell it after a few hours when it mixes in with your sweat. Sometimes the mixed scent works for some, sometimes it doesn’t. Only you can tell if this works for you. Personally, I think this is best for casual events, as it gives off a light and crisp scent.

Pure Game Deo-spray


  • Feels cool and fresh after a workout
  • More casual alternative to the perfume


  • Scent may be overwhelming when oversprayed

Tip: I imagine this will be used mostly after sports, especially when there is no shower area (i.e. fun runs). A bit more care in spraying must be taken, because although the scent is similar to the perfume’s, the pressure of the nozzle is stronger and when oversprayed, the scent can get very overwhelming.

All in all, this is a great set of health care products from Adidas. Should you use all 4? Up to you. If you ask me, I can probably do without the Deo-spray, since there’s the perfume.

If you use all 4 items, tell us how it goes (we might miss out on a set bonus to manliness and athleticism if we don’t! — sorry gamer joke), we’d love to hear how well you find the Adidas products.

By the way, the distributors gave us gift packs to give away to the Unbox community. Mechanics will be announced soon!


EDT Spray 50 ml 399.75
Deo Spray 150 ml 179.75
Roll on 50 ml 79.75
Shower Gel 250 ml 169.75

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