Arrow Messenger Bags

Arrow is one of my personal favorite brands that’s available here in the Philippines. I usually get all of my neckties, socks, and handkerchiefs from them. Late last year they started offering different bags for professional men and I’ve loved almost all of their designs! They use high quality material and they don’t compromise the aesthetics. Their latest gray and light brown messenger bags and satchels are now available and they’re great for everyday use for work.

Sturdy, fashionable, and classy.

I couldn’t find their website so I can’t verify the actual material used but the exterior appears to be some sort of denim and cloth while the interior is silk. Leather accents are also found on the exterior flap and the strap. There’s a foam cushion at the bottom to give your devices more protection.

Soft and sleek interior with a spacious zipper compartment.

The messenger bag model fits 13″ laptops very well and you actually still have a lot of space for your tablet, phone, cables, and papers. You can make the bag bigger by unzipping the sides (the bag is expandable).

Available in light brown and gray for Php3,999.75. Check out the various Arrow stores in malls if you want to get one. 🙂


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    im interested with your arrow messenger bag. pls reach me at my email address for contact

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