Crumpler End of Season and Converse Pre Holiday Sales

I was talking with one of our partners here at Unbox and he told me that if ever we make it big with Unbox we should have some sort of CSR program. Most of the time we feature high-end products that will drain the wallets and tap out the cards of our readers (hehe). To balance things out we will be posting really good Sales Promos for really nice products that are announced for the Philippines. So to kick things off I’m happy to share with everyone that Crumpler will be having a massive 50%-70% End of Season Sale starting September 9! Converse is also doing a sale but I’m not yet sure how big it will be. Details in the posters below.

Starting September 9! Get your wallets ready folks
Converse Sale!

Make sure you get there early because all the good bags will probably be gone in the first few days of the sale. 🙂

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