Crumpler is Having a Massive 70% Sale on July 4-5

Crumpler Philippines

If you’ve been saving up for a nice, high-quality, and durable work laptop bag, this weekend is the time to finally pull the trigger to get one. Crumpler just announced that they’re having a massive sale this weekend (July 4-5) at the Rockwell Tent. All models are on sale. Not just a limited selection.

If you buy one bag you get 50% off. If you buy two, you get 60% off. If you buy three, you get 70% off.

Do you really need three bags? Not really. To make the most of this we suggest you go as a barkada so you can get one bag each for 70% off. Maximum bang for your buck.

Mark your calendars folks! July 4-5, Rockwell Tent.

Here are a few bags from Crumpler that we’ve featured on the site before:

Crumpler Skivvy Navy
Crumpler Considerable Embarrassment
Crumpler Dry Red No 8


Carlo Ople

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