Handmade Leather Satchels by Frannie & Vinnie

Handmade leather satchel by Frannie and Vinnie

Sometimes you just stumble upon really great products on social networking sites. One of my friends posted on her Twitter a link to a blog site that offered Filipino handmade leather satchels. They don’t have a massive production system in place since everything is handmade so every bag literally is different from one another. All the materials and the actual production also happens in the Philippines.

Comes in 11" or 14"

According to the blog owner the bags are made from cow hide in Bulacan and then the materials are brought to Batangas for stitching, cutting, tanning, and sewing. I’m definitely eager to get my hands on one of these bags so I can compare the quality and build to the leather bags that I have from Saddleback Leather and Cambridge. If it’s anywhere close then this is a great find since it costs almost 1/4th of Saddleback products.

A peek inside the bag

They currently have two models available. One fits an iPad (not so sure about MBA 11″) and the other 13″ laptops. The 11″ is sold for Php3,500 while the 14″ goes for Php4,000. To order and to get more information, please go to Frannie and Vinnie’s site.

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