Keep Your Gadgets Nice and Dry With Millerton’s Aquaventure 20L Dry Bag

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Don’t get your gadgets wet!

The heat is on, and for many of you that means heading to the beach for a long, well-deserved vacation. That also means that you’ll need a tough, sturdy, and most importantly, waterproof bag to carry all your gadgets in. That’s where Millerton’s Aquaventure 20L Dry Bag comes in. The tough, water proof material of the Aquaventure Dry Bag keeps everything inside nice and dry – including your gadgets. The large, 20L capacity of the Aquaventure allows you to carry all of your essential beach items with you, anywhere you go. Its rugged and tear-resistant outer skin allows it to be taken white-water rafting, hiking, boating and even cycling without getting torn up or damaged.

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The Aquaventure bag can also double as a convenient cooler for those times you want to have a cold drink beside you while you lounge around in the beach, and its easy to use, quick-drying shoulder straps keeps sand and all other crud from getting into your stuff.

The Millerton Aquaventure 20L dry bag is priced at just Php 999, and comes with a smaller, 5L dry bag as a freebie, plus another shoulder strap. Both freebies totals at around Php 790, which makes the Millerton Aquaventure a really great deal for the price.

The Millerton Aquaventure 20L dry bag is available through Kimstore. If you’re interested in getting one, you can contact them through their Facebook page.

(This post was made in partnership with Kimstore)

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  1. Bags like these are used in Cagayan de Oro’s white water rafting to keep valuables dry while inside the raft.

  2. Excited to get one! I’ve been in touch with the nice folks at Kimstore. Can’t wait to get my hands on these babies.. n_n

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