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Knomad Mini Portable Organizer: For Techies on the Go

The Knomad Portable Organizer
The Knomad Portable Organizer

Meet the Modern Day Men’s Clutch Bag

If the men’s clutch bag was invented today, it would probably look like the Knomad Portable Organizer. Instead of a single compartment where you just stuff whatever inside it, the Knomad opens up to several compartments for your electronics, cards, pens, and travel essentials. It’s the perfect companion for techies who are always on the go because of it’s portability and purposeful design.

It comes in different sizes, colors, and material builds to suit your needs. We decided to get the smallest one which measures 18 x 25 x 2 cm when closed. It’s just enough to carry a 7-8-inch tablet, two smartphones, a pen, earphones, bi-fold wallet, and a bunch of cards. Here’s what the one we got looks like:


The exterior is made from lightly coated cotton canvass, twill fabric, and a natural raw-edge leather trim. There are two buttons which keep it closed which are made from antique brass hardware.


Opening it lets you unfold it to access all the different compartments and slots. The main and biggest compartment is for your tablet. This model can fit up to the size of an iPad Mini. It has a microfiber interior which keeps the iPad scratch-free and clean. There are two medium sized pockets which can be used for your smartphones or power banks.

On the other side of the flap we have another compartment for cards or a bi-fold wallet, and slots for your pen, earphones, and other cables. There are also card holders for your various credit, calling, rewards, and membership cards.


The Knomad is small enough to slide in your bag or you can just bring it with you the same way you would bring a clutch bag. This one won’t make you look like a “tito”, especially if you pick the color that matches your style or personality. It really makes for a great conversation starter!


Not bad eh? Anyway, the Knomad Portable Organizer is being sold in Digital Walker. So far though we’ve only seen it in their Shangrila Mall branch. We’re not too sure if it was already rolled out to their other stores. The Knomad is a bit pricey with this particular model selling for a little over Php4,900. The slightly bigger one goes for Php5,900+. There’s also a full leather variant that has a hefty price tag north of Php8,000.

To get a better appreciation for the Knomad, you might want to check out their official info video below.

Carlo Ople

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