Moleskine Ruled Notebook

Moleskine is a high-end and premium brand of notebooks which has a cult following here in the Philippines. According to their website, Moleskine is the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway. The notebook has a very simple, classic, and elegant design: black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an expandable inner back cover pocket.

Today Moleskine has a wide range of products but their most famous one is still the simple black notebook. It’s pricey and there are a lot of imitations so not everyone will actually buy one. The standard ruled notebook costs Php 1,199. It’s available in most National Bookstore branches.

Carlo Ople

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  1. I love Moleskine. I still like writing in notebooks, manually keeping my schedules and notes. I have the Moleskine 18-month weekly notebook as my organizer. I keep several ruled notebooks of different sizes too.

    I collect the imitation notebooks I get from NBS too.Recently they have the Best Buy Ruled Journal for 129 pesos. I got the red one.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Thanks for the heads up on the National Bookstore notebooks. I love Moleskine, too, but sometimes you gotta just choose the cheaper alternative. Nothing like Moleskine though.

  2. Hi Marie! I think I’ve rekindled my love for writing on paper and not just typing away on a keyboard or on the screen of my iPad since I bought this notebook. ๐Ÿ˜€

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