Muzetto Leather Bag

Fashionable bag for men

One product category that probably grew dramatically in the last few years is men’s lifestyle bags. This isn’t a surprise because we’ve seen a surge in mobile devices (like the tablets and smartphones) that need bags to carry ’em. The Muzetto is a stylish, comfortable, modern, and spacious leather bag that’s made from San Francisco, USA. It goes well with what you wear regardless if you’re in a casual outfit or your formal work clothes. For color you can pick between black or brown (leather) and there are six different accents. The Muzetto also comes in different sizes for tablets, 13″ laptops, and 15″ laptops.

Gorgeous right? Anyway, here’s a video so that you get to appreciate it more! ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s no local distributor for Muzetto yet in the Philippines. If you really want one you can order online through their website. It’s available in the following sizes:

15″ Laptop Muzetto: $259
13″ Laptop Muzetto: $239
11″ Laptop Muzetto (for Air): $219
10″ Portable Muzetto: $199
Personal Muzetto: $179

One of our writers placed an order a few days ago so expect more about this bag in the coming weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Carlo Ople

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