Nike Air Mag (Back to the Future Kicks)

150 pairs auctioned everyday for the benefit of the Michael J. Fox Foundation!

The internet has been abuzz about these new kicks that Nike launched yesterday. Called the Nike Air Mag, this shoe was actually first seen during the movie Back to the Future II starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. There are three things that make this product special.


First, these aren’t your usual kicks. The outer sole has LED panels that actually light up! The lights are rechargeable and they should stay lit for around 4-5 hours. The upper of the shoe was also made more durable with reinforced mesh. Lastly it has a very nice luminescent Nike logo at the strap.

Yes, it’s gorgeous. Here’s another pic:

For a Cause

The sales of the Nike Air Mag also won’t just go to the pockets of Nike. Proceeds will actually go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. This organization is focused on trying to find a cure for the dreaded Parkinson’s disease which Michael J. Fox himself has.

Limited Edition

Lastly not everyone will be able to have this. Only 1,500 pairs will be made and they will be auctioned everyday (150 pairs/day) at eBay.

If you really want one of these be prepared to fork over a fortune. I heard that the first two shoes received bids of over $40,000 USD (Php1,700,000+).

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