Sole iPod Flip Flops

The iPod is undeniably a revolutionary product. Aside from the fact that almost every kid (or anyone with disposable income) has one, it paved the way for Apple’s post PC devices like the iPhone and the iPad. Ever wanted iSlippers? Well here’s the closest we’ll get to one! Oh, this one is Filipino made too! A group of Pinoy entrepreneurs came together and put up Sole Flip Flops. They have a great line of well designed slippers including one inspired by the iconic iPod.

Sole iPod-themed Flip Flops

Here’s the official product description from the website:

You’re a fan. But no matter how many times you send in your suggestions, Apple still refuses to produce iSlippers. You don’t understand. You’re not asking for anything special, just a pair of slippers that can charge your ref, update you on celebrity gossip, and make toast.

I couldn’t resist the brilliant marketing so I ended up getting a pair! Had some fun taking photos of them too!

On Colin: Sole iPod Flip Flops and Audio Technica Headphones
On Colin: Sole iPod Flip Flops and Audio Technica SJ11 Headphones

Tugs-tugs-tugs-tugs-tugs with my iPod Slippers!

See even my friend, Alcs Porras, renowned rave-wear and eclectic fashion designer had fun with them! After all music is a great unifier!

Booyah. ^^

Sole sells their Flip Flops for Php450. They’re made from excellent material and they employ Filipino workforce. Yes people, these babies aren’t made in China. That’s the reason why Unbox highly recommends their products. If ever you’re in the market for witty, well-built, and Filipino-made slippers, try out Sole Flip Flops.

Update: They just opened their concept store in Cubao Expo. Drop by if you guys want a pair!

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