Unboxing the Panda Sunglasses

Unboxing the Panda Sunglasses!

Unboxed: Panda Sunglasses

When we initially heard of Panda Sunglasses, we were thinking that it was some Japanese or Chinese brand of high-end “shades”. That was our impression when we wrote to the local distributors. Little did we know that we were in for a complete surprise when the glasses arrived on our doorstep. There’s nothing like the Panda Sunglasses in the market today and that’s what makes it special. It’s unique, distinct, and it will even leave you with a good feeling when you buy it.

So what’s all the fuss about? In one sentence: Panda Sunglasses are made using handcrafted bamboo and polarized lenses made from recycled polycarbonate materials. So not is this product sustainable, the handcrafted bamboo frame gives it a unique, distinct, and tropical look unlike any other sunglasses in the market! You also get to give to charity since each purchase of Panda Sunglasses will give glasses to those in need via the TOMA Foundation.

Anyway, read on for our unboxing!

Packaging and Initial Impressions

Awesome box.

The sunglasses comes in a cylinder made from bamboo. There’s an engraving of the product logo at the side/top and a sticker with product information at the bottom. To open just unwind the lid to pop it open.

What’s inside?

Inside you’ll find a black drawstring pouch made fromt some sort of felt material. Inside the pouch is the Panda Sunglasses. What do the glasses look like? Exactly like the box! Hehe.


We took a few minutes to admire the craftsmanship of the frame. Every curve is perfect and the polarized lenses are equally impressive! It’s amazing to imagine how these glasses are handcrafted one at a time! The bamboo material itself is pretty sturdy and we don’t think this will break easily.


When it comes to the look, you obviously can’t wear this with your usual corporate attire. It’s a very fun pair of sunglasses and they make for a great companion when you’re on vacation in a beach or resort. Probably goes well with a straw hat and my trademark hawaiian polo!

Two thumbs up!

Panda Sunglasses come in different colors. SRP is Php6,000 and you can buy one via their website here.

Full Review Coming Soon

I’ll pass this to our resident movie critic and fashion buff, Colin. We’ll try to have a more comprehensive review up asap. To end let me just share the TVC for the Panda Sunglasses:

If you want to learn more about Panda Sunglasses, check out their Facebook Page here.

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  1. Never try to buy this panda sun glasses, its really fragile and easy to broken, i only put in the table after i take it back i got it broken!!! 6000 pesos is to much for this cheap quality!!! i sent it back to their counter and they said it can’t be fixed and they only can give discount for me as their apologies!!! so i only can use this 6000 pesos sun glasses for 1 month 🙁

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