Wear Samurai Armor and Stay Warm

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We don’t usually write about fashion on Unbox, but when we do, we make sure that we deliver on the promise of taking awesome out of the box – and this, this is pretty awesome. A US-based company called, Tokyo Otaku Mode, wants to give your closet a little taste of Bushido with their line of Samurai Armor inspired hoodies.

Photo from RocketNews24

These hoodies were created by Bamboo – Not OUR Bamboo — the vocalist of milktub, an anime theme song band. While these hoodies, which claims to use materials twice as thick as the usual hoodie, may not protect its wearers from arrows or a katana, it does promise to keep you safe from harsh weather conditions. The hoodies draw from its inspiration brilliantly and comes complete with hand coverings, face plates, and decorative tassels to compliment the layering of materials; achieving the traditional look of the leather scales or plates the noble warriors once donned.

Photo from RocketNews24

In the heat we’re experiencing, we know you probably want to take clothes off rather than layer them on, but – seriously – we would throw money at our screens if we could add this to our wardrobe today. In regards to its availability, Tokyo Otaku Mode has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to be able to take these awesome creations and make every Rurounin Kenshin, The Last Samurai, or Akira Kurosawa fan shell out some dough. You can donate to the cause by heading to their IndieGoGo page and see more of these geekgasm inducing hoodies in the video below:

Source: http: Rocket News 24

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