Welder Watches coming to the Philippines

Welder Watches coming to Manila!

We just received a press invite for the official launch of Welder in the Philippines. Welder is a new brand of “timepieces” or watches that has a pretty funky and visionary positioning. Their official website has this to say about the brand and the products:

The inspiration behind the creativity of Welder watch was how travelling through space-time would become reality by the year 2075.

Most watch brands project their past into the present. Welder is the opposite. It aims to project the future into the present.

The Welder watch, designed by Italo Fontana, encapsulates a timeless feature of ageless identity and size. All the watches belong to the same family in its large offering variety.

The three-dimensional feature of the dials is a reminder of the layers of space and time between the present and 2075

Well at least the guys behind this are creative! Haha!

Here’s a photo of one of their products:

Welder K33 Series

No word yet on pricing and where to buy. We’ll get more information on Friday during the press launch.

Additional Resource: Welder Website

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