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Audio-Technica SJ11 Giveaway Winners

Contest winners are...

We were actually on the fence with regards to announcing the winners of this contest because of the recent issues hounding blogger giveaways. However the show must go on. This contest is a live one so we have to see it through. We’ll have to think about succeeding contests though. Anyway, before I get to the winners, what’s with “gasmic”? There were more than 20 entries that had the words “orgasmic”, “eargasmic”, “audiogasmic”, and “headgasmic”. Does Dodge really look like he’s in that state of “bliss”?! Go Dodge.

The winner for the random raffle:

Ruth Dela Cruz

For the winner of the best line we had a difficult time picking one entry. Instead we just got the most creative ones and did another raffle to that group. Winner gets an Audio-Technica SJ11 Headphones and a 500 Starbucks Gift Certificate! Here are the entries in the pool:

Mateo Dacanay III
Channeling my inner April Boy Regino.

Denis Gacosta
Audio-Technica SJ11: “Eargonimics” for your ears.

Jen Adriano
Audio-Technica SJ11: Sounds good. And nothing is even playing yet.

Victor Layug
Audio Technica SJ11: so awesome, you can almost see Jimi Hendrix smashing his guitar infront of you.

Ken Gaddi
Audio-Technica SJ11: Even Rebecca Black’s “Friday” is starting to shine πŸ™‚

Cor Ema
β€œAudio-Technica SJ11: HARMONY WITH MUSIC”.

Crisjonver Albano David
Audio-Technica SJ11: I can hear no other.

France Leonardo
Superb Style + Out of this world Sound Quality + awesome Comfort= Audio-Technica SJ11.

France Leonardo
Treat your ears with respect, Use Audio-Technica Earphones/Headphones.

Feraskulio Cervantes
Oooohhhh this thing sounds good even when the iPad’s turned off….XD.

Ryan Icantbelieveitsnotbutter Ng
Audio-Technica SJ11: So good it can even make Justin Bieber sound good πŸ™‚

Ariston Clemente Almario Torres
Surround Sound Serenity.

Chris Oliver Tan
A holiday for the ears, Audio-Technica SJ11.

Jom Griffin
Audio-Technica SJ11: Making the world hear clear music. two ears at a time.

Nate Medallon
If yoga is for the mind, Audio-Technica SJ11 is for the ears. πŸ™‚

Marco Vidal
Audio-Technica SJ11: Inspiring social movements via music.

Ferdinand Tambungui
Audio-Technica SJ11: Audio Utopia.

Jason Wang
Audio-Technica SJ11: Immerse yourself.

Kenneth Ko
Audio-Technica SJ11: All you need to start preaching love and peace for all mankind! πŸ™‚

And the winner from this pool (via raffle):

Jom Griffin! Congratulations!

And that’s a wrap! We’d like to thank Audio-Technica Philippines! Please do like them on Facebook. We’re announcing a new contest with another Audio-Technica item as the main prize Sunday evening. Watch out for it! Please do check back here at Unbox for the mechanics.

For the winners please check your Facebook inboxes πŸ™‚

Carlo Ople

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