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Win Free Tickets to the Steps to Financial Peace Conference (Updated)

Get your financial house in order so you can actually afford stuff you want!

Steps to Financial Peace Conference

Most of the time we end up buying tons of stuff that we can’t really afford. We keep buying the latest smartphone, tablet, game, car, or TV and suddenly we find ourselves already at 35 years old without any savings. Sad to say this is the situation of a lot of professionals in the country. While we here at Unbox showcase a lot of awesome products, most of them are pretty expensive. That’s why we always try to put in some personal finance tips every now and then to balance things out. With that said I’m happy to announce that Unbox is supporting an upcoming personal finance seminar featuring Randell Tiongson, Chinkee Tan, and Jayson Lo called Steps to Financial Peace!

Steps to Financial Peace

The organizers were kind enough to give us FOUR tickets to raffle away here at Unbox. Each ticket costs Php1,200.

How to win free tickets

Simple! Just leave a comment below using Facebook sharing a money saving tip that you have. We will pick the winners Wednesday evening (around 9PM).


Abigael Tan
Mon Lao
Francis Dator
Raani Paras

Please just proceed to the event and show your ID. I’ve already passed your names to the organizers. :)

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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One Comment

  1. Money saving tip (these are personal and actually do these):

    instead of taking the cab except maybe for attending major meetings or an emergency, take other cheaper forms of transportation like the jeep, bus or mrt/lrt to save on fares. on taking the mrt/lrt, not only money is saved but time as well (time saved is money saved in business). arrive early to give you time to cool down, freshen up and retouch (for ladies).

    commute instead of bringing your car, this can save you money on gas, parking or toll fees. unless maybe if you need to or will be more cost- or time-effcient.

    buy your groceries in stores where prices are cheaper (e.g. SM Supermarket vs. Puregold) they are the same brands & items anyway, why buy it expensively?

    in relation, if you need to buy something, compare styles/prices among stores. most likely, you’ll end up buying the cheaper one (than the original you thought you love) and you’ll love what you bought!

    buy when you really need it not because you just want it. purchase in cash. buying on credit will not save money in the long term specifically on interests or other fees not to mention the intangibles which are mental and emotional stresses (when you do not pay the total amount due for some reasons).

    above all, these are character adjustments we all need to muster and humbly learn.

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