Acer Launches New Line of Chromebooks

Acer Chromebook Spin 15

In regular and convertible Spin variants

It’s time to taking a step away from the gaming side of things to take a peek at four new Chromebooks that Acer launched alongside its Predator brethren—the Chromebook 13 and 15, and the Chromebook Spin 13 and the Chromebook Spin 15.

Let’s start off with the Chromebook 13, which sports either an 8th-generation Intel Core i3-8130U, Intel Pentium 4415U, or Intel Celeron 3865U processor with up to 16GB of RAM, and either 32 or 64GB of onboard eMMC storage. As the name suggests, it has a 13.5-inch Full HD+ IPS display at 3:2 aspect ratio; adding a bit more vertical space than we’ve been used to seeing in most notebooks. You’ve got an all-aluminum chassis on the Chromebook 13, along with Gorilla Glass for the trackpad, to make it sturdy as you take it to and from work.

As for ports, you have two USB 3.1 type C ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a microSD card reader.

The Chromebook Spin 13, on the other hand, has hinges so you can rotate the display 360-degrees to take advantage of the touchscreen in four different usage modes. At the core of the Spin 13 is an 8th-generation Intel i5-8250U or Intel Core i3-8130U with up to 16GB of RAM and 128GB of eMMC storage. The Chromebook Spin 13 also ships with a Wacom EMR stylus in case you need to unleash some creativity or simply take notes.

As for the ports, you get two USB 3.1 type C ports, one USB-C port, and a microSD card reader, along with Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi.

Now let’s look at their 15-inch counterparts. No surprises here, as they both come with a 15.6-inch display at Full HD resolution. Both variants can be configured with up to 8GB of DDR4 memory and up to 64GB eMMC internal storage and either Intel Pentium or Intel Celeron processors. The Chromebook Spin 15 gets 360-degree hinge, along with a Gorilla Glass trackpad.

Both variants have two USB 3.1 type C ports, a USB 3.0 port, and a microSD card reader.




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