Millions of Email Accounts May Have Been Hacked


It’s Time to Change Your Passwords

Yesterday, a story broke that millions of email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and other email providers may have been compromised by a Russian hacker. The security breach contained 57 million accounts from Mail.ru (a Russian provider), 40 million from Yahoo! Mail, 33 million Hotmail, and 24 million Gmail accounts. These numbers were reported by Alex Holden of Hold Security who the hacker reached out to and was selling his cyberhaul for less than a dollar. Holden informed the hacker that he would instead post comments about the hack on various hacker forums, which was enough to get a hold of the data and turn it over to the concerned parties.

Today, it seems that it may have been a bit of a dupe when Russian provider, Mail.ru, released a statement via Motherboard. The Russian email provider claims that it did a sample check of the data and none of the combinations turned over by Hold Security worked, which may mean that all the data was falsified. Motherboard was also able to talk to Troy Hunt of Hold Security who did confirm that it wasn’t clear that these providers were hacked or if the data was legit at all.

Either way, this serves as a good reminder to change your passwords and turn on 2-step verification while you’re at it. Better safe than sorry.

Source: Engadget

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