New Mi MIX 2S Teasers Reveal New Details

A decent notch design for starters

While we are certain about the Mi MIX 2S’ beastly specs that will blow away the competition, we have not seen the actual phone yet. However, this latest leak gives us a good idea of what the Mi MIX 2S will look like.

A follow-through with the initial leaked video a few weeks ago, this new video finally gives us a view of the Mi MIX 2S’ upper portion. What’s interesting with its design is the notch placement: Instead of being in the center like most Android phones lately, the notch on the Mi MIX 2S is found on the upper right corner, where the front camera is mounted.

This confirms the initial poster of the Mi MIX 2S found a few months back, and honestly, this is one of the better implementations of the notch. Check out the video below:

Aside from the confirmation of the notch location, new reports indicate that the Mi MIX 2S will come with wireless charging, as depicted with Xiaomi’s latest poster for the upcoming device:

Are you excited for Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship?


Source: Slashleaks

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