Facebook and Instagram went down, and it drove People Crazy

Houston, we have a social media situation


Just as we were all ranting about LTFRB and the crazy development over their case against Uber, people around the world are going crazy as they could not access Facebook and Instagram. Yes, BOTH social media accounts are down, as reported by UK site Daily Express. For the lucky few who get to access both social media platforms, it has been working intermittently.

Naku, paano na yunΒ #FeedGoals ko? πŸ™
Well, at least the trolls won’t be noisy for the meantime. Lol.


While we do not know what’s the real cause for both sites going down, save for a pop-up in Facebook stating that they are doing maintenance work. As for Instagram, they prompt users to “try again soon”. Being a generation that is very dependent on social media, not having access to Facebook and Instagram feels like getting stranded on a deserted island. This prompted people to go over Twitter (which is working as of this writing) to talk about the situation. Unbox’s EIC Carlo reminded everyone to calm down about what’s happening on the internet:

But then, there are those who are simply going bananas about what’s happening:

There are those who are praising Twitter for being strong in crucial times like this:

After all, this online debacle might be a sign that we should focus on our real lives, and not our online lives:


How are you coping with the temporary unavailability of Facebook and Instagram as of the moment? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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