Facebook Updates its News Feed to Further Reduce Clickbait Posts

The social media titan builds on last year’s update by adding more stringent checks

Combating exaggerated, clickbait posts and misinformation via fake news have been the top priorities of Facebook for a while now. On Wednesday, the social media magnate posted a press release outlining updates to their News Feed feature.

Here’s the gist of the update, from Facebook’s newsroom:

  • First, we are now taking into account clickbait at the individual post level in addition to the domain and Page level, in order to more precisely reduce clickbait headlines.
  • Second, in order to make this more effective, we are dividing our efforts into two separate signals — so we will now look at whether a headline withholds information or if it exaggerates information separately.
  • Third, we are starting to test this work in additional languages.

As a result of the updated News Feed algorithm, posts with “clickbait headlines” will appear lower in priority in the News Feed.

If you’re handling a page that regularly posts on Facebook, it’s best to check out their “publishing best practices” section for guidelines on what they deem as “fake news” or “clickbait”.

Source: Facebook

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