PRC Shamelessly Rips Off Facebook Log-in (Updated)


Really, PRC?

Look, we get it. Designing a website is hard. Any kind of work that entails creativity is a total drag sometimes, so there’s a big chance that some designers want to take shortcuts and liberally lift designs from other websites and incorporate it into their own.

While that may work for a mom and pop operation (or a college kid’s weekend project) that’s totally unacceptable if a big corporation or government does it. That’s why today we’re calling out the management of the Professional Regulation Commission for their Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS v2) website. While some blame can be pointed at the developers of the site, ultimately it’s up to the management of the PRC to make sure that the design passes muster.

If you don’t immediately recognize the log-in page for the service, let us help you jog your memory. Below is the login page for Facebook. Notice anything, similar?

Facebook login

It’s really saddening to see a government agency’s lack of respect for intellectual property rights, considering that there’s another since there’s also a government agency that deals with enforcing exactly that. Come on PRC. Don’t be lazy – find a good designer and pay them to make an original design. Or if you’re going to rip off a website, try to find one that everybody hasn’t heard of yet, won’t you?

EDIT: It seems like the PRC has heard comments on the design and have taken steps to change……the color to a very, very bright shade of orange. The design and layout however, has not changed.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong. That web layout is under copyright protection from Facebook and yet they non-chalantly put also a copyright protection on their own. Facebook could file a lawsuit against PRC.

    1. True!! Kakahiya to!!! Pwede silang kasuhan ng facebook! Imagine a government’s owned website kakasuhan dahil sa copyright infringement….

  2. Its wrong to say this shamelessly ripped off the design from Facebook due to lazyness.. This entails decision making and they choose to design the website into a simple yet familiar design. Making it somehow “friendly” just like the first tym we saw Facebook sign up page. This is more of the psychological..

  3. Actually, when you register then eventually log in to your account, the account page really looks like Facebook!!!! :-/

  4. Half-way through this article and I feel you blame the dev who created it.. what if kung sinabi ng user na gayahin ang Facebook and their profile, syempre Anong magagawa ng dev nyan? syempre binabayaran yan para gumawa ng ganyang site.

    it is just sad for us 🙁

    1. kahit presidente pa ng company mag sabi kakasuhan ka pa rin ng pang copyright infringement, tanga ka kung nag pabayad ka. website Developer ka alam mo may kaso yan pag nang gaya ka ng design. ngayon yung pera natanggap ng dev gamitin nya ngayon pang bayad sa kasong haharapin nya. sana kasya yung perang binayad sa kanya…

  5. Or maybe their main purpose is for the people to have an easy experience in using their new online services in a familiar way. Clients keen to the FB interface will not face any difficulties in browsing this new website since almost everyone has an FB account. How about looking at the brighter side? Yun nga lang, sobrang magkahawig nga lang.

    1. This is a website for professionals. I think professionals will know how to navigate sites even if it doesn’t look familiar.

  6. I dont think that the site was a legit one. Any sites from the government should have a domain. This site has a private hosting. Another thing there is no announcements or advertisements from PRC website announcing this new layout. This could be a phishing site. As of 11:15AM 3/3/16 the said PRC online site is now inaccessible. whoever built this site is now being traced by PRC for sure.

    1. It’s a legit site. A link to the site is in the PRC website. Click the flashing click here button towards the right side of the page.

    2. it’s legit. it links from the main site itself. If you go there, you’ll see there’s a box at the right saying “for online services, click here”. Once clicked, it leads you to Oh and it’s back online too. It’s now orange. soooo… nakita nila tong article na to siguro? LOL haha

  7. Ano pa nga ba ang aasahan sa gobyerno natin? Kahit nga pag-asa website poorly maintained at pang windows 95 pa rin ang lay-out scheme.

  8. Can someone please, in the unbox team, check if the mentioned site of the PRC is legit?
    If this site is legit, this online service is really a big help for us in the province especially in Central Visayas where you need to do island hopping just to get to their regional office.
    I don’t care much about the design being a ripped off although the people who cares about it really have a point.

  9. actually there’s a free bootstrap like for the facebook design but i dont know if facebook really gave it for free… but Phil. gov… tapos sasabihin d pa professional ang katulad nating IT web developers

  10. Daming reklamo ng mga Pilipino. Ikamamatay o ikalulugi ba ng kumpanya mo yan? Ang importante ay user-friendly experience para sa mga gagamit ng website.

    1. Paano kung apektado ang reputasyon ng kumpanya na ipino-promote ng website?

      Ang galing bumatikos ng kapwa, sablay pa rin naman.

  11. This is hard evidence on why a department of ICT is needed ASAP. All government offices need to abide by the technical guidance as specified by this dedicated department as mandated by law.

    Actually, I don’t get why individual government offices don’t consult DOST for their IT software initiatives. The department has competent people that can guide all other agencies with their implementations of IT.

  12. Plagarism.. 🙂 hai.. stealing the ideas from others.. hindi sa maraming reklamo.. wala na bang integridad.. maging unique naman tayo…

  13. yan na cguro ang epekto ng sanay sa pangongopya nung nag-aaral pa.. “user-friendly”…yeah, right. sa dami2ng propesyonal na nagpapa-renew everyday walang pondo para mag-invest para sa upgrade ng service? may plano palang mag-online and makisabay sa technology e hindi man lang tinodo ang effort. kulang nlng gamitin ang FB accounts ntin as login..kalokohan..

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