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Traincheck Helps MRT Passengers Avoid Long Lines at Stations


The enterprising guys over at, developers of the popular Metro Manila commuting app, have recently debuted the Traincheck project, a website that helps MRT passengers avoid long lines at train stations.

Traincheck tells you the best time to take the MRT. It predicts when crowds are heaviest, so you can commute with less stress. How? A predictive model needs data to function, and historical data isn’t readily available. We took an innovative approach to collect this data.


In a nutshell, Traincheck uses the Department of Transportation’s public MRT3 site as its gauge to determine whether a particular station is crowded or not. The technical specifics can be found in’s blog post detailing the ins and outs of the whole shebang, so head over there if you’re interested.

For now, Traincheck will only cover the MRT3 line. LRT commuters will have to wait a little longer, as is still in the process of adding the other train systems.‘s mobile app already has Traincheck prediction built-in into it, so if you want to use the service on the go, you’ll have to download their app for your smartphone.




    1. train checker nga e. bat kelangan mo pang tignan kung obligado kang sumakay at kung yun lang ang way mo papasok sa office. para yan sa mga di naman nag hahabol ng oras at ang mga maluluwag ang sched. para pwede silang mamili kung bus or mrt. gets po ba?. ha ano gets ba?

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